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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lynnderella - Chocolotta Love

Hi, everyone!

Happy Monday! How was yours? Mine seemed to fly by - which is ALWAYS nice!

I wanted to share with you pictures of my recently-acquired Lynnderella "Chocolotta Love". I got this polish through a swap, since it's next to impossible to buy this one directly from the producer or distributor. 

I have to be honest, I'm very "meh" about this one. As much as I love browns and unique polishes, this doesn't seem like a very practical polish for me. I know that sounds silly, but what I mean, is I don't see myself wearing this for more than one day. I know Lynnderella polishes are very, very hard to find, but I'd be okay if I never owned any more. I know, I know...I'm a minority when it comes to Lynn's!

Here were the base colors I chose to use:
Left to Right: OPI Brisbane Bronze, Espresso Your Style!, Romeo & Joliet, Color Club With Abandon
(2 coats of each)

Now, one coat of Chocolotta Love on top of each of these:
My favorite combo is CL layered over OPI Brisbane Bronze. 

Do you own any Lynnderella's? If so, which ones are your favorites?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girly Bits - Shift Happens

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Hope you all have had a nice weekend! It's been fun seeing the different St. Patrick's Day mani's that you all came up with! Because of some of you, I now have a few green polishes I need to add to my wish list!

Today, I wanted to show you one of my newest, most favorite polish in my collection - Shift Happens by Girly Bits.

Pam, the owner and creator of Girly Bits polishes, was kind enough to send this polish to me recently for my review. I have no idea how or why I waited so long to try it! I'm so excited about this polish and all of the different layering possibilities, that I already have a few base polishes picked out to use with Shift Happens (I'm thinking a couple jellies, dark green, purple, fuchsia........  *smile*!!!!!)

I decided to layer Shift Happens over Cult Nails Time Traveler - 2 Indie brands in one mani!!!! I apologize in advance for the blue staining in my pictures below. Time Traveler (a true dark blue creme) wasn't the easiest to clean up (even with pure acetone), but the color was so incredible, I think it was worth the hassle/trouble! I wish I had taken pictures of Time Traveler by itself. But I'm sure I'll be wearing it again very soon, so I'll be sure to snap some pics when I do.

I wanted to include a variety of pictures in this review because there are so many amazing colors that come out in Shift Happens. It's THE BEST duochrome I've ever seen! No joke. 

One of the many great things about this polish is it's meant to be a polish-topper. So, you're really only using one coat for a manicure, which means one bottle will last you a long, long time! You're definitely getting your money's worth with this beauty!

All of the pictures below were taken indoors either under artificial lighting or with a flash:

These last few pictures were taken by my back door at home and outside this morning. So, kind of outdoors, with no sun:

Pam sells her Girly Bits polishes on her website. However, her shop is currently closed at the moment. Leah Ann of Llarowe has started selling Girly Bits polishes now, too. Unfortunately for polish lovers, Shift Happens is sold out on the Llarowe website. My best advice is to keep checking both websites and ordering Shift Happens as soon as you see it available! Also, check out both Pam's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/GirlyBits) and Llarowe's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Llarowe/126027514153022). By "liking" both of these pages, you're sure to be notified when Shift Happens is available again!

Mini bottles (5 ml) of Shift Happens retail for $7 on Pam's website and Full-size bottles (15 ml) retail for $11.50. For those wondering, Salon-sold Essies, Deborah Lippmann, OPI, Zoya and Cult Nails are all 15 ml in size.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by! 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - "Billionaire"

Hey, everyone!

Happy Friday! 

Tonight's post is going to be super short. If you read my post from last night, you saw that I was going to choose one of my green polishes to wear for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. I decided on Deborah Lippmann's "Billionaire". I didn't realize how dark this polish was! Of all my green's, it's probably the closest to OPI's "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow". They're both very dark (near black) green polishes. I still haven't decided if I want to keep this or not. I'm leaning towards swapping it for something a little brighter!

I was happy with how easily this applied. It was a teeny bit streaky after the first coat, but after the second, it looked perfect! And I can't believe how shiny it was before I added a top coat! I had heard this was a jelly polish, but it didn't seem like a jelly to me. Do you have this polish? If so, what do you think?

Anywho, here are the best pictures I could get of this polish. I realized after painting my nails last night that I could use a little practice getting my manicure and pictures perfect. I feel like I've lost my skills! That's what a 3-month hiatus will do to ya!

What color are you or will you be sporting for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's not easy pickin' a green...


It's good to be back posting again! I know I've been a little M.I.A for the past few months, but there are a couple good reasons for that. First, my nails have been in horrible shape. I really think the winter months did a number on my nails and cuticles. They're finally to a point where I can paint them and not be embarrassed (Thank You, Nail Envy!!!!!!). And second, I just recently got a new camera. My old Canon broke and I waited quite a while to replace it. So, now that my nails are better and I have a nice new camera, I can get back to doing what I love - blogging!

My first post back is going to be a bottle shot post. I'm planning on wearing green polish to work tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day, but I'm having a very difficult time choosing a green polish! Until tonight, I didn't really realize how many green polishes I actually own! Decisions, decisions!

My first bottle shot picture is of my green China Glaze polishes (with an Orly that I snuck in because I forgot to include it with the other Orly's!).
Left to Right:  China Glaze"Starboard", "L8R G8R", "Glittering Garland", "Westside Warrior", "Zombie Zest", "Holly-Day", Orly "It's Not Rocket Science"
Next, is a picture of some lonely greens from various brands...
Butter London "British Racing Green", Essie "Pretty Edgy", Essie "Sew Psyched", Deborah Lippmann "Billionaire", Revlon "Mistletoe", Revlon "Emerald City", Orly "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe", Orly "Jealous, Much?"
My first 3 Zoya's (and first 3 green polishes) came from Zoya's St. Patrick's Day promo last year (2011). In the promo were Shawn, Ivanka and Suvi
Zoya "Opal", "Bevin", "Gemma", "Yara", "Shawn", "Ivanka", "Suvi"
And now some of my favorites....
Nicole by OPI "Green Up Your Act!", OPI "Jade is the New Black", "Call My Cell-ery", "Green-wich Village", "Gargantuan Green Grape", "Fresh Frog of Bel Air", "Zom-body to Love", "Don't Mess With OPI", "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow - Suede", "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow", "Cuckoo For This Color"

Now, the hard part - deciding which color to wear!
Check back here tomorrow to see which color I chose!