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Friday, February 11, 2011

OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" vs. "Don't Mess With OPI"

Those of you who have seen the swatches of OPI's new Texas Collection have  noticed that there's a beautiful forest green color called "Don't Mess With OPI". When I first saw the color online, I thought it would be much darker, almost a Christmas tree green.

When I first saw "Don't Mess With OPI" in person at Ulta a few weeks ago, I seriously thought they had put "Jade Is The New Black" in the slot for "DMWOPI". I looked at the bottom of the bottle, and sure enough, it was the correct color. I went over to the "regular" OPI's and grabbed a bottle of "JITNB" and compared the two. To be honest, it was almost impossible to tell the two bottles apart when they were next to each other. I decided to punt on buying a bottle of "DMWOPI" that day, since I already owned "JITNB". Instead, I purchased "Suzi Loves Cowboys", "Ausin-Tacious Turquoise" and "It's Totally Fort Worth It".

Then, a couple of weeks later, when I was at another beauty supply store, I saw plenty of bottles of every new Texas Collection color. I ended up buying "DMWOPI", "Houston We Have a Purple", "I Vant to be A-Lone Star" and "Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em" (along with "The One That Got Away" from the Katy Perry Collection).

Anyways, I wanted to compare "DMWOPI" and "JITNB". 
My thoughts on the two: "Don't Mess With OPI" has more of a yellow tint to it. It's almost a "dusty" grass green. "Jade is the New Black" has more of a blueish tint to it, and is about a half a shade brighter than "DMWOPI". Of the two, I think I actually like "Don't Mess With OPI" better (but I'm glad I own both!). After comparing the two on my nail wheel, I decided to paint my nails with "DMWOPI" (see pictures below). 

Either of these will be PERFECT for St. Patty's Day!

Here are the comparisons ("DMWOPI" is on the left, "JITNB" is on the right):

1 coat of each color:

Now, here's 2 coats:

OPI Chip Skip
1 coat OPI Nail Envy Original Formula
1 coat OPI Ridge Filler
2 coats OPI "Don't Mess With OPI"
2 coats Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


  1. I wish OPI came out with a different green! They are just too much alike to justify me purchasing DMWOPI!!!

  2. These two aren't very different,are they? I don't have either of them. Thanks for the comparison.

  3. Thank you for this comparison! I just spotted DMWOPI and was convinced it was JITNB! I, too, had to check the underside of the bottle. I don't own either, and was looking to buy Jade... but it looks like DMWOPI will do the job (it's hard to get OPI here in the UK, and the store only has DMWOPI)

  4. @ Deborah - Yeah, I think you'd be safe with getting DMWOPI, if you like JITNB also. They're both great colors. And honestly, they're so close together, there's no "need" to own both. I'm anxious to wear DMWOPI again in a couple of weeks for St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for following my blog! :-)