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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OPI "Be A Dahlia Won't You?" and "I Lily Love You"

Hey, kids! I'm back! It's been almost a MONTH since my last post! But I hope to be "back to normal" now! I've got a lot of catching up to do! 

Over the past weekend, I saw that my local beauty supply store had BOTH of the new Serena Williams' duos AND the Nice Stems! collection! So naturally, I HAD to  splurge! I ended up with both the SW sets and "I Lily Love You" and "Be A Dahlia Won't You?" The other 2 colors from the NS collection didn't do much for me.

My 1 day, 1 store haul over the weekend:

I know I over-did it, but I had SO much fun! :-)

So tonight, I wanted to share pictures of BADWY with you. After I was done with this mani, I decided to add 1 coat of ILLY just to see how the two looked together. To be honest, I wish I had left well enough alone! I LOVED the look of BADWY. I really think BADWY will be the PERFECT summer pedi color (next to Cajum Shrimp, of course!). I never owned "Kinky in Helsinki", but I've heard that if you loved it, you'll really love BADWY (apparently they're almost perfect dupes!). But then I had to go and add ILLY to it, and it just didn't work for me. I really think ILLY will look great over a dark polish, but it's just too "busy" over a hot pink. What do you think?

I'd describe "Be A Dahlia Won't You?" as a hot pink/fuchsia semi-foil polish. It was super-duper easy to apply. I was pleased with the results after 2 coats. What I also appreciated about this polish, was that it was easy to clean up. When I do my clean up, I use a small concealer brush and dip it in acetone to clean around my cuticles. Some polishes are a nightmare to clean up, but this one wasn't! 

"I Lily Love You" is kind of like "Teenage Dream's" big sister. A brighter pink clear jelly with TONS of glitter and glass flecks. Besides it not looking so great over BADWY (my opinion), it is a little chunky. It might be best to use a top coat over it (which I didn't in this mani).

Deborah Lippmann 2 Second Nail Primer
1 coat OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
2 coats of OPI "Be A Dahlia Won't You?"
1 coat of CND Speedey
1 spritz CND Solar Speed Spray

Here are pictures of 1 coat of "I Lily Love You" added:
(The glitter and glass flecks in ILLY were very difficult to capture in pictures!)

Thanks for taking the time to read tonight's post! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your summer so far!


  1. those are both beautiful i wants!!!

  2. I heard BADWY is almost identical to ChG 108 degrees. I'll be skipping it. I wish I could get the new sets now! I have to wait until they show up on Amazon so I can use my survey points for them :)

  3. Your nails are so well done and lovely. I think this color is for you, it's very pretty and looks so beautiful on your nails! Love the reddish OPI and they make so many great colors, LOL Beautiful colors both of these. Power-on red I call them.


    George :)

  4. I'm wearing Kinky in Helinsky on my toes right now, and from all the pictures I've seen of BADWY they don't look very similar. I'm hoping it's just the lighting in the pictures since KIH is no longer available and I love it so!

    Either way, I think I'm going to have to own BADWY when it's available at my local salon!

  5. @ ProudMary - these pictures definitely are not as color-accurate as I would've hoped. The pictures make it look almost red, but it truely is a pink-fuchsia. I've never seen KIH in person, so I don't know how accurate the claims are that they're close dupes. Regardless, I definitely think you should pick this one up! GREAT summer color! I WILL be wearing this the next time I go get a pedi!

  6. Glad I saw these pics...it looks great on you. I think I'll skip this one though...I'm wearing 108 Degrees and it looks pretty similar.

  7. Great pics and post, and I agree with you about ILLY. It's almost overkill on top of BADWY. I'm glad I only put ILLY on my thumb as I am REALLY enjoying the beauty of BADWY all by itself (2 coats was great for me, too).

    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic review, Katie!!!

  8. Wow, what a haul!

    By the by, I just tagged you for a couple blog awards <3 http://paintedpixies.blogspot.com/2011/07/awards-and-then-some.html