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Sunday, July 3, 2011

OPI's Ulta Exclusive Polish - "I'm An Aqua-holic"

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the holiday with friends and family!

As some of you know, OPI collaborated with Ulta for an exclusive 4-color summer collection called "Shimmer Into Summer" that was released for sale today. So, naturally, I was at Ulta at 11:30 am to get my hands on some of the colors! I ended up purchasing 3 of the 4 colors: "How You Blue-in?", "Sparkle Teal Sunrise" and "I'm an Aqua-holic" (which I will show in this post tonight).

I didn't realize this when I was at Ulta today, but these colors are (or are almost) exact dupes of the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection colors:

L to R: "Too Rich For You", "Scandal Secrets and Sparkle", "Party in the Penthouse", "Spotted!"

So, if you weren't able to get any of the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl colors, this would be a great opportunity to have them! Plus, if you're like me, I prefer the brush and bottle of the "regular" OPI. So, if you didn't purchase the Nicole by OPI's because of their bottle or brush, here's your chance to get the OPI version!

As a side note: I already owned "Too Rich For You" (see the original blog post here) and it is a dupe of "How You Blue-in". But because I love the OPI bottle and brush, I think I will put "Too Rich For You" in a future blog sale or swap.

Here's a picture I took of all 4 colors when I was at Ulta this morning:

L to R: "Sparkle Teal Sunrise", "Glitter-ally The Best Silver Ever", "I'm an Aqua-holic" and "How You Blue-in?"

"I'm an Aqua-holic" is a really pretty blue semi-foil shimmer polish. I can honestly say, I don't own anything quite like it! As with all of my OPI polishing experiences, application was a breeze! Gosh, I really love the OPI formula - it never disappoints!

Now, here are pictures of "I'm an Aqua-holic":

OPI Chip Skip
2 coats of OPI Nail Envy, Original Formula
2 coats of OPI "I'm an Aqua-holic"
1 coat of China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat
1 spritz OPI RapiDry Spray
OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil

Please pardon the air bubbles in this mani - I rushed it and didn't give the coats enough time to fully dry! Don't blame the polish! :-)

If you like any of these colors, Ulta has a pretty cool deal going on right now: Buy $17 worth of regular-priced OPI product(s) (which is equivalent to 2 regular-priced OPI polishes that retail for $8.50 each), you get 1 of these Ulta Exclusive polishes free! So for me today, I got these 3 Ulta Exclusives for the price of 2! And if that isn't good enough, don't forget to take your $3.50 off coupon (must be a minimum of a $10 purchase)! You can find that coupon on Ulta's website.


  1. wow those are really close! i love gossip girl so i wanted that collection when it came out but i didnt get ANY of them except spotted. i am STILL sad about that.

  2. No need to be sad any longer! Unless, of course, you wanted them because they were Gossip Girl themed. Otherwise, if you liked the colors, just snatch these up at Ulta! And since you already have "Spotted", you can get the other 3 in this collection (for the price of 2!!!!). Let us know what you end up doing!

  3. Nice! I was just about to run to an Ulta store to get these, and I'm one of those people who always have to decide which ones to buy before shopping :) Thanks for reviewing these haha

  4. hihi, do you know where can i buy the 'OPI How You Blue-in'?