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Monday, July 18, 2011

OPI's "At Your Quebec & Call"

Hey, kids! 
Gosh, I'm sorry, but it's so hard to be happy and chipper and put exclamation points after every sentence, when you do this to your expensive coffee table after a mani:

Yep - this coffee table was the victim of spilled acetone in it's purest form. Why did I have a dish of pure acetone on my nice coffee table without protection under it? Yeah, I'm asking myself that same question over and over and over. ARGH! I'm so mad right now. And I have no one to blame but myself. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Makes me feel like I can't even own nice things without ruining them. I've only had this table a little over 2 years. I bought it brand new, along with 2 matching end tables, a sofa table and a bookshelf. So, trying to find a varnish that matches perfectly might be a challenge. I'm hoping the company that I bought the furniture from will sell me some varnish or have a recommendation for me. I'm waiting on a call back from them...

Before THIS happened, I had just finished up my mani which I'm in LOVE with. I swapped with a friend from one of the groups I belong to on FB (I've become quite the swap-a-holic!!!). She sent me OPI's "At Your Quebec & Call" and I sent her an Essie and a DL that were on her wish list.

This beauty comes from OPI's 2004 Fall Canadian Collection. I can't remember when or where I first saw swatches of this, but I was in love immediately. I knew it would be tricky to find, since it's from 2004 and a Black Label OPI. But sure enough, Destany posted that she bought it while dusty hunting, and I asked if she'd be interested in swapping - and she was!

I've noticed that with the older OPI's, it takes more coats to get full opacity. Honestly, I might've been able to pull off 3 coats, but just to be safe, I went with 4. This polish came out prior to OPI going 3-free, so it was a little stinky. Also, it has the old smaller brush (not a Pro-Wide brush most of us are used to). So it took a lot more dipping, but it was worth it!

I love, love, love this polish. It's so unique, and unlike anything I currently own. I'd describe it as a golden olive shimmer. It's not green, but it's not gold, either. It's just...beautiful. 

And here she is:

Deborah Lippman 2 Second Nail Primer
Seche Clear Base Coat
4 coats of OPI's "At Your Quebec & Call"
1 coat Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
1 spritz CND SolarSpeed Spray

Do you have any Black Label OPI's?! If so, which ones? Did you find them "dusty hunting" or have you had them since they were released?

Thanks for reading my rant tonight. I already feel a little better, now that I've been able to "vent" about it a little. But I have a feeling tonight's tragic coffee table acetone event will haunt me every time I look at my table. Oh well, too late now, right?!

By the way, if you get anything out of this post, or from my blog in general, let it be this: 
Take the extra minute to cover your table or work area first. 
You'll be glad you did!


  1. it looks lovely on you!!!

    I have a black label OPI - Cheyenne Pepper. I got it when it was originally released :)

  2. :( i ruined a brand new caboodle that was a gift from my aunt after my moms funeral by spilling acetone on it. i was so upset. but now it makes it mine i guess. i was just so upset i dont want my aunt to see it and get sad that i ruined her gift.

  3. OH NO! I hope you can match it! If not, maybe you can just strip the whole thing down and have a new table!

  4. My husband just spilled acetone on our coffee table yesterday! I can relate to your pain!

  5. Awwwww.... so sad about your table. :(

    I was recently painting my daughter's toesies neon orange when I dropped the open bottle on my brand new light tan rug that was a gift when I moved into my new apartment. I seriously cried! :( Ruining stuff stinks!

    In other news, your nails look fab and I really enjoy your blog!

  6. Thank you all so much! Reading your comments really made me smile! :-)
    It sounds like I'm not the only one who's had polish/acetone accidents! About a month ago, I dropped my box of OPI's on the floor in my carpeted walk-in closet. Thankfully, it's carpeted, so not a WHOLE lot of damage was done. However, the carpet is a very neutral light beige. One of the bottles (OPI DS Mystery) cracked and splattered everywhere. I lost 3 pairs of shoes and had a HUGE mess to clean up. Tons of bottles were splattered on, so I had to let them dry and then clean them up the next day. There's still a very noticeable spot in my closet. Oopsie!

  7. So sorry about your table but your nails look great! That looks very similar to Chanel Peridot

  8. Yes, I've heard that it's a close dupe of Chanel's Peridot. I think it's close to a few other polishes, too. Fortunately, I don't have any dupes for it! It's so unique and pretty! So glad that it's part of my collection!

  9. sorry love about the table but you nails are awesome !!!

  10. sorry about your table ! mine is absolutely aweful with all the the acetone drops on it but I won't change it cause I know I would destroy another table. Can't help to paint my nails in the living room, in front of the tv (I'm about to do so) Love this polish, it's gorgeous !

  11. Thanks, ladies! Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, it was still there! I was hoping it was just a bad dream! Oh well, my nails don't have any tip wear, so that's good news, right?! Have a great Tuesday!

  12. My coffee table, side table AND my KITCHEN table have all suffered the same fate. I think it's just a sad reality and probably just a matter of time for all us "addicts". Anyone out there that's saying "no, not me. I'm CAREFUL!" is in DENIAL! :)

    It sucks but, if you're artsy, this is the perfect opportunity to put a skill to good use!! You can sand the table and re-varnish it or paint it. OR if you're REALLY artsy, you can MOSAIC it with tiles!! :)

    Good luck girl!! Let me know what you decide to do.

    PS. If none of the above appeal to you, you can cover it up with a pretty cloth. Or just do what I did, leave it uncovered as a reminder to be EXTRA CAREFUL and just cover it up when you have company AKA being lazy. LOL :)