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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can't find the "old" version of OPI's "My Private Jet"? Check this out!

I frequent OPI's Facebook page numerous times a day. I don't think I've ever logged on and not seen a post about someone looking for and/or missing the "old" version of OPI's "My Private Jet". In fact, I, myself, posted a question about having difficulty finding the "old" version in stores a few months ago, but was told that OPI had to change the formula when they became "3-free". When they changed the formula, the color changed, too. As much as I'm sure OPI would love to bring it back (it was/is one of their best-selling colors), they can't.

Side Note: *Since I wasn't aware of what "3-free" meant before becoming a self-proclaimed "OPI-aholic", I think that would be a great future blog post. What does it mean to be 3-free? What companies have gone 3-free, and which ones haven't? How does this affect me?*

However, my new BFF from Canada (OPI Facebook followers know her as Cathy P-R) introduced me to a polish called "Northern Lights" by the brand "Out the Door" that "supposedly" would transform my "new" version of MPJ to look like the old, more holo-version. So, I headed to my local Sally's that same day and picked up a bottle (it cost me $6.49 + tax, but if you're a professional, you probably get a discount). I was so anxious to try this "miracle polish" out, I sat in my car in the Sally's parking lot and applied a coat (I forgot to mention, I just so happened to be wearing a fresh coat of MPJ that day!!!). Within seconds, I was in LOVE! Cathy was right - wearing just one coat of "Northern Lights" on top of the newer MPJ created, as Cathy would say, "holo awesomeness"! And as an added bonus, it dried almost instantly (which was great for me, since I was still in my car and had to drive home!). My Sally's didn't carry it, but Out the Door also makes a gold version of this polish.
Long story short: If you miss the old version of "My Private Jet", go to your local Sally's and pick up a bottle of "Northern Lights". Definitely money well spent, I guarantee!


  1. I should also mention - you can add Northern Lights on top of any polish and get an awesome holo effect! Just think, you could almost double your polish collection with this one product!

  2. I may have to buy this...I attempted my own experiment by layering China Glaze Wireless topcoat...and ick. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Beata - I think you'll REALLY like this! It's thinner than CG's "Wireless", but not too thin. I've only seen it sold at Sally's here in St. Louis, but I'm sure it's sold other places as well. I wore it on top of OPI's "Light My Sapphire" a few weeks ago and - WOWZA!
    Let me know if you end up buying it and what you think!

  4. how did i not know about this?? i have to go to sally's and pick this up!!!