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Sunday, May 8, 2011

OPI's "Spark De Triomphe" and "Black Shatter"

Hi, everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! And to all you mother's out there, I hope you enjoyed YOUR day! :-)

On my way home from our kickball games tonight, I got pulled over for speeding (apparently, I was doing 82 in a 60...oops!). Looks like that's $208 down the drain. And if I don't want points on my license, I have to take some driver safety class. Urgh!!!! So, needless to say, I was totally bummed and bawling my eyes out. I decided to get off on the exit that goes towards Ulta. Nothing like a little retail therapy, right?!

I ended up purchasing a few polishes from OPI's new "Pirates of the Caribbean Collection" ("Skull & Glossbones", "Mermaid's Tears" and "Steady as She Rose"). I also was fortunate enough to get one of the Serena Williams duo packs with "Spark De Triomphe" and "White Shatter". I'm not big on the white shatter polish, so that's going to be included in my upcoming GIVEAWAY (when I hit 100 followers! Details coming soon!).

Here's a picture of my haul!

So tonight, I decided to do a mani with "Spark De Triomphe" and "Black Shatter". I love the silver/black combo!

I found "Spark De Triomphe" to be extremely easy to work with. It wasn't quite jelly-like as we saw with "Teenage Dream" and "Last Friday Night". 

1 coat OPI Nail Envy, Maintenance Formula
2 coats OPI "Spark De Triomphe"
1 coat OPI "Black Shatter"
1 coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Before "Black Shatter" (2 coats "Spark De Triomphe"):

No, there are not black specks/glitter in this polish. That just shows up in the pictures. But I WISH there was a little black glitter in the polish! 

With "Black Shatter":


  1. Sorry about your ticket, that sucks. Nothing like a good excuse for some retail therapy though =P

  2. I know, right?! Honestly, I forgot all about the ticket (or shall I say, the huge fine!) when I was in the store. Then, as I was walking to my car, it hit me. Life goes on, right?!

  3. I love the combination.. both polishes have been on my leeming list since they came out.. too gorgeous.

    Sorry about the speeding ticket but seriously.. retail theraphy fixes anythinggg <3

  4. Hi - Boo on the ticket!!! So happy to have found your blog! Love it!!! I must say that my Ulta needs to up it's game because I haven't seen all of these fab colors.
    We just became your 90th follower :-)
    We'd love for you to check out our blog and follow back if you'd like. Also, if you have a twitter we'd love to follow you there too. We are @HerLateNightCra
    Jayme & Mendi

  5. Ohhh I really wish there was an ulta in my town! So pretty :)