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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OPI - "Love is a Racket"

Tonight's post includes a review and pictures of one of OPI's newest shades, "Love is a Racket". LIAR (Oh my! I didn't realize that was the acronym that would appear! Maybe I'll keep referring to it by it's full name!) is from the recent and final Serena Williams Glam Slam duo called Glam Slam USA. The other color in this duo is "Pros and Bronze". I bought this duo at my favorite local beauty supply store, but I've seen it at Ulta and Beauty Brands as well. They retail for around $14.25.

"Love is a Racket" is a bright reddish-pink glass fleck polish. If "Ali's Big Break" and "Let Me Entertain You" (both from OPI's 2010 Burlesque Collection) were mixed together, I *think* this is what you'd get. 

I have to be honest, this is just too "flashy" for me. I love a good glitter or a good glass fleck polish, but I just don't think bright reds/fuchsias look that great on me; kinda the same way I felt about another recent glass fleck polish by OPI, "Be A Dahlia Won't You?". I don't know, they just aren't "me". So, yet another bottle that will probably end up in the swap/blog sale pile! Man, this pile is really starting to grow! I've kinda been striking out these past few times, but I'm bound to find a new favorite one of these days!

After only wearing this a few hours and trying to take it off (with Remove +), I noticed some pretty bad staining. So, I'd recommend wearing at least a base coat (maybe 2 coats, just to be safe) before applying this.

OPI Chip Skip
OPI Nail Envy, Soft & Thin Formula
2 coats of OPI's "Love is a Racket"
China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Which Serena Williams duo has been your favorite so far? I'd have to say mine's been the one that included "Grape...Set...Match" and "Servin' Up Sparkle" (although, I have yet to do a full mani with either of these, but it's comin', I promise!

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone! I doubt I'll be back any more this week, and the earliest I'll probably do another post is Sunday or Monday. So, enjoy the weekend! 



  1. I need this set to complete my Serena collection! Grape Set Match/Servin Up Sparkle was my fav duo!

  2. I am SO not into reds. This one is no different. I ordered Pros and Bronze, but this one will be a pass. Boo.