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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoya - "Ki"

What a beautiful Sunday we're having! It's about 83* outside right now, without a cloud in sight!

Because of the great weather we have today, I chose a polish that I could get good outside pictures with (and since I'm not a big fan of holos, my next option was duochromes!).

I know there are tons of pictures of Zoya's "Ki" on the internet, but I don't care - I wanted to show you my own pictures! The pictures I took were the best I could get inside and outside. It was very difficult to capture the amazing duochrome finish with my camera. If you're thinking about purchasing this color, I suggest searching for more images on the internet.

Ki is one of the best duochromes I've ever seen. Depending on the light, sometimes it looks like a dusty purple, other times it looks sort of olive green. I'm a big fan of duochrome polishes, and this might be my new favorite! In my opinion, it should be a staple color for any polish collector/hoarder/lover!

I purchased Ki during Zoya's recent promo where you got 2 free polishes with any order. I chose this and Edyta as my free colors. I'm looking forward to trying that, too! I can't say that Zoya is my favorite brand, because I always seem to have issues with either bubbling or smudging (due to the polish not being completely dry). However, as a company, Zoya is my favorite. They are so generous with their promos, that they make it affordable and accessible to just about everyone (with free polish, BOGO, or free shipping). And, I'm noticing more Zoya colors popping up at the Ulta's near me, so that's perfect, too! Now, I can try (or at least see!) before I buy!

OPI Nail Envy, Sensitive and Peeling Formula
2 coats of Zoya's "Ki"
2 spritz's of CND Solar Speed Spray

Outside, under direct sunlight:

Inside, with flash:

Inside, under artificial light:

 Do you have a favorite Zoya color? What do you think about Zoya polish all-around? Have you taken part in any amazing Zoya promos?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. yup, one of my faves too. Zoya is my favourite for colours and i have far too many favourites to mention, but Caitlin is always near the top. xx

  2. I love Zoya-my fave so far is Gemma and I always take advantage when they have awesome sales!!

  3. Zoya is my fav brand overall! I especially love their shimmers. Truthfully I have over 30 Zoyas and I love them all. Ki is now on my wishlist thanks to you!