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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Milani One Coat Glitter - "Silver Dazzle"

You know, it's reviews like the one I'm about to write that make blogging so much fun! Tonight I'm going to share with you my review of one of Milani's new One Coat Glitter polishes called "Silver Dazzle". This polish was sent to me for a review recently along with a few other Milani polishes. "Silver Dazzle" was the one that stood out the most to me, mainly because I love, LOVE, silver/charcoal/gray/polishes (especially if they're glitters!). 

I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to "One Coat Polishes" or "Quick Dry Top Coats". But, this little puppy did NOT disappoint! This polish is amazing! It looked amazing with just one coat, and dried almost immediately! This really would be the perfect polish if you were looking for something quick and easy and had little time to devote to paint your nails. What I also liked about this polish was that it didn't give that typical glitter polish grittiness/roughness that I'm used to. The polish wasn't completely smooth, but it wasn't bumpy or chunky, either. It dried incredibly smooth and soft!

As you can see below in the first picture, you CAN get away with one coat of this polish! 

Just for fun, I wanted to see what it looked like with 2 coats:
Doesn't this almost resemble a Suede polish?!

Here's 2 coats, plus a top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat):

If you don't see a new post on "Paws to Polish" for a few days, it's because I haven't taken this beauty off my nails! This, friends, will now join the other 9 polishes on my list of Top 10 favorite polishes!!!! (Can you tell I'm a little excited about tonight's mani?)

I was also sent a blue version of this polish called "Blue Flash" that I'm really looking forward to trying. Since I was so impressed with this polish, I also checked out the Milani website and saw that they make purple, red and gold One Coat Glitter polishes, too! And because they're so reasonably priced (around $4 at Walgreens), I might have to pick them all up the next time I'm out!

For more information on Milani cosmetics, visit the Milani website, www.milanicosmetics.com

*The product in this post was sent to me by the company or their PR firm for my unbiased review. 


  1. Woah, that's beautiful! I am absolutely blown away that the first picture is one coat! I really want to try these now!

  2. I hope you do! They really are incredible! I was so impressed with the all-around quality of this polish! I have to be honest, I don't know if I would've bought this polish on my own without seeing swatches of it first. I really, really think you'll be happy with it. And, for around $4 a bottle, why not try it?!