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Friday, March 11, 2011

Zoya's "Shawn"

While browsing other blogs last week, I noticed an advertisement for Zoya polishes - a "Get Your Green On Trio" for $5 which included 3 of their green polishes ("Shawn", "Suvi" and "Ivanka"). I had never tried Zoya before, so I thought for $5, this was a good time to test 'em out. So, I purchased this trio, along with 2 other full-priced ($8 each) polishes, "Caitlin" and "Kelly". Apparently, this deal was such a hit, it sold out within hours of it's announcement! I'm so glad I decided to make my purchase when I did!

Well, my polishes arrived today! 

The first color I decided to try was "Shawn". Zoya describes this color as, "Warm, mossy yellow-toned medium green cream with olive undertones. A chic yet edgy way to wear the green polish trend." Since I'm not the best at describing colors, my first impression of the color was that it looked sort of "army green-ish". Of the three colors in this special promotion, "Shawn" was the only cream color, the other two were shimmers and glitters. I haven't tried the other two out, but just based on the color of the bottle, this one's my favorite, and probably the one I'll be sporting on St. Patty's Day! Although, it sounds like "Ivanka" (the 2nd bottle from the left in the picture above) is one of their best-selling greens, so maybe I'll fall in love with it, too!

OPI Chip Skip
2 coats of OPI Nail Envy, Dry & Brittle Formula
2 coats of Zoya's "Shawn"
1 coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

From what I've read on other blogs and on the Zoya Facebook fan page, Zoya is big on promotions and specials, so I have a feeling these 5 polishes will be the first of many in my collection! 

I was very pleased with the formula of "Shawn". I probably could've gotten away with 1 coat, but I prefer to always use at least 2.

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  1. Ah, so you were one of the lucky ladies who ordered before they ran out =P

    I was going to get it, but I figured that Shawn was the only one I would wear regularly. It does look super nice!