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Sunday, March 13, 2011

OPI's "Unripened"

Last Halloween, OPI released a collection of mini's called the "Go Goth" collection. This collection included the colors "Obscurity" (a black matte), "Sanguine" (a deep, dark blood red-maroon), "Nevermore" (a blackened purple) and "Unripened" (a dark glittering green). I was fortunate to snatch this set up for 1/2 price the day after Halloween at Beauty First!

It's pretty obvious when looking at "Nevermore" that it's a dupe of "OPI Ink". I mean, if you put the two next to each other, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. The same goes for "Sanguine"; it's almost an exact dupe of "Royal Rajah Ruby" and "Midnight in Moscow". I'm happy about this, because I like the colors, and I have the full-size bottles of their dupes. So when the mini's run out, I'm still good. I don't recall OPI ever making a black matte, so it's nice to have "Obscurity" when I'm wanting a true black matte. 

My absolute favorite from this collection is "Unripened". It was the first color I tried on when I bought the set, and the one I used the most out of all 4 colors. Apparently, OPI made a limited number of full-size bottles of "Unripened" for some distributors, as a promotional item. Although, I read on OPI's Facebook fan page that some people were able to buy them (somehow) from stores that had them. 

I'd describe "Unripened" as having a black base, with teal shimmer. Unfortunately, you can't really see the purple/blue/pink duochrome that shows up in the bottle. When I wear it, it just looks like a black with teal shimmer. Regardless, it's amazing

A very dear from of mine (whom I met on the OPI FB fan page), Cathy P-R, is a licensed Hairdresser, Aesthetician and salon owner (check out her FB page called "Ask Cathy!"). She was able to get her hands on a few full-size bottles of "Unripened" and was generous enough to trade them with me for a couple of polishes she was interested in. Score! Not only am I fortunate to own ONE full-size bottle, but I've got a back-up bottle, too!

"Unripened" is just one of those colors, for me, that I will never get tired of. I think it's safe to say that it's in my top 5 favorite polishes, and I don't see it ever leaving that spot. 

Here are some pictures I took of it outside yesterday when the sun was shining (we haven't had a lot of that lately here in St. Louis, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity!). After reviewing my photos, I realized at how awful a paint job I did on my nails. Oh well, my main purpose was to capture "Unripened" awesomeness, and I think I did an okay job doing that!

OPI Chip Skip
2 coats of OPI Nail Envy, Original Formula
2 coats of OPI "Unripened"
1 coat of Seche Vite 

Look at that BEAUTIFUL duochrome!!!!

I've seen some "Go Goth" sets at Trade Secret here in St. Louis. They're also being sold on eBay for pretty reasonable prices. You can also purchase full size bottles of "Unripened" on eBay. I've seen them being sold anywhere from $14 to $25.

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  1. this is super pretty! really good alternative to black