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Monday, March 14, 2011

OPI's "Black Shatter" over Essie's "Platinum Perfect"

A few days ago, while I was shopping at TJ Maxx, I found a really cool bottle of Essie nail polish called "Platinum Perfect". I'm fairly new to collecting Essie's, but  I couldn't remember ever seeing this polish before. It's very similar to OPI's "Birthday Babe". It's a gorgeous silver metallic shade. For $3.99, I definitely had to have it!

Once I got home, I tried to do a Google search for the color, to see when it was released, and if it was still part of their collection. I have yet to find out anything about this polish, so if you've heard of it, or if you own it, please let me know!

Here's "Platinum Perfect" (3 coats):

I haven't used OPI's "Black Shatter" much, so I thought "PP" would be a great color to use under it. Here's 1 coat of "Black Shatter" on top of "Platinum Perfect". I also added a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:


  1. Wow, Essie at TJ Maxx- that's exciting!


  2. I know, right?! I've actually seen some random bottles there before (and also at Marshalls). My best nail polish score was right after Christmas - I found a set of Nicole by OPI's - "It Gets Dark Early!" and "Turn Out the Lights". I'll try to swatch both of these in the next month or so. I LOVE dark polishes, and these are AMAZING! I think I paid like $6 for the set! Score!

  3. PP looks awesome with Black Shatter...nice mani! :)

  4. Thank you so much! PP was actually a little streaky (as you can see in my photos) so it was nice to add Shatter to it, to kind of cover up the streak lines!
    And the mystery has been solved regarding the "mystery Essie"! A sweet girl on Essie's FB page said that it was actually sold last Christmas and is part of the Essie for Aerie line. Yay, mystery solved!

  5. I just found Essie Platinum Perfect at my TJ Maxx tonight but didn't pick it up - just happened upon your blog entry when I was searching for info on it, actually! LOL! :)

    My TJ also had Essie Shine On, which I'd never heard of before, either, and still haven't found any info on - guessing it's part of the Essie for Aerie line as well (thanks for sharing the info - I've never heard of "Essie for Aerie", however!) so you've helped me twice now. :)

    Essie Shine On reminds me of Barielle Coalest Day of the Year (in the bottle, at least, haven't tried it on yet).

  6. @ RuthieGirl - Did you end up buying "Shine On"? If so, I'd love to see swatches! Also, if you didn't purchase "Platinum Perfect", I'd definitely recommend going back and picking it up! Or, I'd recommend "Birthday Babe" by OPI. If you like silvers, I'd also suggest "Chroma" by Borghese. ALL of these would look DYNAMITE under Shatter!
    BTW, the "Essie for Aerie" is sold in Aerie stores. Aerie is a line of intimates and more "comfy clothes" by American Eagle Outfitters. Oftentimes, the stores are right next to each other in malls. The next time I'm at the mall, I'll have to see if Aerie is selling any Essie. I don't shop at either AEO or Aerie (in high school, yes. As an almost-30-year-old, not so much), but might stop in if they've got nail polish!

  7. I am also nail polish obsessed, but you're nails are by far prettier than mine! Jealous! :D

  8. Thank you for the compliment! My nails used to be awful - I'd bite my nails and cuticles until it hurt. Then, I decided to stop that bad habit back in September of last year. It's amazing at how much of a confidence-booster having decent nails is!
    Thanks again!