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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first non-OPI polish review! Here's Essie's "Dive Bar"!

When I first decided to created this blog, my intent was to make it an OPI-only blog; one where I only reviewed OPI polishes. But after a few months of blogging, I realized that there are other good quality brands of polish out there that I've never tried. Sure, my main love is with OPI, but I recently purchased a couple of bottles of Essie nail polish because I loved the colors, and because I had heard many positive things about Essie polish.

As I was walking down the cosmetics aisle at Walgreens last week, I noticed a brand new display for Essie nail polish. I had never seen the Essie brand at Walgreens before, so I had to stop and check out all of the polish colors. I ended up coming home with "Dive Bar" and "Over the Edge". When I was looking at the mass amounts of colors Essie had, I was looking for colors not only that I liked and would wear, but also ones that didn't closely resemble any OPI colors I currently own. 

My first non-OPI review will be for "Dive Bar". I had read somewhere that this was a Walmart exclusive color, but that must not be the case, since I purchased mine from Walgreens.

I'd describe this color as a purple-teal duochrome (in the bottle). However, since I've had it on my nails, I have yet to find the purple in it. Regardless, it's a gorgeous color, and I'm so glad I picked it up. I was in the hospital last night, and the male nurse who was checking my pulse on my finger stopped and looked at my nails and said, "Is that green?" How sweet of him to even notice!

The application was perfect! I'm so used to OPI - which in my opinion, is perfect. I love the OPI consistency, their Pro-Wide brush, the handle, the bottle shape - everything! Essie's brush is quite different, and took a few nails to get used to. But I love it, and will definitely buy more from them again! In fact, I purchased 2 more bottles ("Merino Cool" and "Smokin' Hot") a few days later. Can't wait to review those for you, too!

Here are my pictures of "Dive Bar". This isn't an easy color to capture in pictures. Or, maybe I just need to invest in a better camera!

The application for this manicure was:
OPI Chip Skip
2 coats of OPI Nail Envy, Original Formula
2 coats of Essie's "Dive Bar"
1 coat of Seche Vite 
1 spritz OPI RapiDry Spray

As close to direct sunlight as I could get

My best attempt at trying to capture the purple in the polish


  1. I like this color in the sunglight, but then again, what girl doesn't like a little shimmer :)

  2. That's so funny, I just got home from Walgreens and also purchased dive bar and over the edge, what a coincience! I can't wait to try them out!